About ABS 2013


The 5th All ‘Bout Security Seminar (ABS 2013) is here in Temasek Polytechnic once more!

The All ‘Bout Security Seminar is a student driven initiative seeking to increase overall awareness in Information Security through a series of engaging talks by industry professionals and experts within the field. It is organised by senior students from the Diploma in Cyber & Digital Security, Temasek Polytechnic.

A wide range of talks by IT security professionals encompassing the field of Cyber Security and Networking Security will be presented during the seminar. The seminar is open to the public so professionals and students alike have the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience from experts. There is also an opportunity to network with the experts and other attendees from the industry.

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st electronics



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Diploma in Cyber & Digital Security (Temasek Polytechnic School Of Informatics & IT)