Project Showcases

ABS 2010



SmartShop revolutionises the online shopping experience by allowing users to have an accurate sense of an online product. Using Augmented Reality, it enables online shoppers to view the product from different angles and distances as if the product were physically in front of them.



Slowlorry has been developed to improve the system security of a company. It is designed to simulate a botnet, which may cause a system to run very slowly, in order to test a web server’s capability to handle DoS and DDoS attacks.


Insight for Web Servers

Insight for Web Servers is a malware protection system that has been developed to detect potential transmission of malware on web servers and prevent the malware from being transmitted to the end user.


Multi-Target Automated Fuzzing Infrastructure and Arsenal

Multi-Target Automated Fuzzing Infrastructure and Arsenal aims to detect potential vulnerabilities in mobile applications that could possibly lead to exploitation on mobile devices.


Secure Video Streaming System

The Secure Video Streaming System is a collaborative project with the NTU to secure the video streaming service that utilises the WINDS infrastructure.


Document Discussion Web Application

Staff in an organisation often need to collaborate in producing various documents and exchange ideas on ways to improve processes. However, organisations do not have a convenient platform or means for employees to provide feedback on documents and to facilitate active exchange of ideas to improve the running of the organisation.


Colour Coded Security Keys

Internet banking system uses usernames and passwords as the authentication mechanism for logging into bank accounts. If the users want to perform a transaction, they have to enter a one-time password (OTP). This OTP can be provided using SMS or security dongles. However, this authentication system has several problems: passwords can be easily cracked through dictionary and brute force attacks (techniques that attempt guesses for a password repeatedly); users who are overseas cannot receive the SMS-OTP if they do not have roaming services, and it is costly to provide security dongles.